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Infinite-Grace-BOOK--FRONT-COVERInformative, incisive, insightful and of course, impressive!

Don Bosco MEDIA has done itself proud, offering the Church in India this valuable little book in the style of the YOUCAT. The language is lucid and though well researched it is not scholarly in its presentation but trendy enough to be a “sure and standard” for understanding of Holy Season of Lent.

Unfortunately for many of us in India, the Season of Lent comes at a time when examinations take centre stage and coupled with the tropical heat that creeps up from the plains, our minds get fogged and our souls sapped of any spiritual energy. ‘Infinite Grace’ comes into this predicament like a breath of fresh air… bringing to this season the freshness that it deserves. As its opening note states: ‘it is a time to rediscover the super-abundance of mercy, forgiveness, love, inner joy and peace.’ What more could the reader ask for?

The teachings that are embedded in these meditations aren’t watered down into meaningless, simplistic gibberish. The content is clear, orthodox and articulate using language and examples familiar to today’s generation. The matter between these two covers is so contemporary and captivating – juxtaposing a 17th century Italian writer Torquato Accetto who rubs shoulders with Anahita Sriprasad and Manoj Bhargava offering lessons for readers of all ages and climes. Add to this, are lessons drawn from recent films and historical facts which make this collection of meditations and reflections a prism through which all of life may be perceived. Infinite Grace includes vibrant pictures on every page without turning the text into a religious comic book. They are vibrant and abundant but the focus is still clearly on the material presented. Obviously, upon receiving a copy of the book, the very first thing any youngster will do is to ‘flip the flipbook.’ How many youngsters are going to go flipping through the book instead of reading it? I don’t know! My guess is that though they are distracted by a million things, just a page a day, not more…will capture their attention…and send them on their way through another day of Lent with a little more light on their path, a spring in their step and a song in their heart…so they will be able to say with John on the lake: “It is the Lord.” (Jn 21:7)

Raj Mariasusia sdb, Infinite Grace – Holy Lent 2016, published by Don Bosco Media, Trichy 2016. Pp. 68. Rs.100/-. ISBN- 9789384305093.

Copies of the book are available at: Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai – 400 019.    Tel: 022 24150680 / 65007840,                                  Email:

For Maharashtra and Goa regions login to – and rest of India –

Reviewed by Fr. Ian Doultan SDB, Editor, ­Don Bosco’s Madonna.


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