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By Father Joaquim Fernandes

IMG_5125Mumbai, September 5, 2016: Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, in association with Masterminds International organised the ‘Master Your Mind’ Workshop for 283 students at Don Bosco International School (DBIS), Matunga from August 26 to September 3.

Pooja Bhatt, a renowned film actress and filmmaker was the chief guest for the Valedictory programme at Don Bosco International School held on the final day. At the onset, Father Savio Silveira – Director, DBIS – welcomed the parents of the students and introduced the chief guest. The resource person, DP Mahesha, founder and director of Masterminds International, conducted this workshop along with 12 trainers.

During the workshop, students were introduced to multiple intelligence, ambidexterity, concentration, memory techniques, speed-reading, mind maps, neurobics and a number of techniques to help the brain perform to its optimum. They were also taught, total relaxation techniques where the body is completely relaxed but the mind is fully alert.

The seminar further taught students to work smarter and to use their potential to the optimum level. The aim of the workshop was instead of teaching students facts about other things, they must be taught facts about themselves; how they can learn, think, recall, create and solve problems.

Bhatt congratulated the participants on the skills they presented during the demo at the Valedictory Programme. “You are really fabulous children. I need to learn all these techniques and teach them to my film fraternity. Smart Phones have made us individualistic and we remember less; sometimes I cannot even remember my phone number,” she said.

The ‘Master Your Mind’ workshop was an inner journey to know oneself and to enjoy life to the fullest. As Don Bosco says, “Education is a matter of the heart and God is its only Master. We will never succeed unless he teaches us the art and puts the keys into our hands.”

Mahesha is a pioneer in the field of Creative Memory and Mind Management. He has conducted workshops for students and companies in different parts of India and abroad.

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