Handbook for children vol 4

A Manual for Outreach Strategies – Vol. 4

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Language: English
ISBN: 978-81-87060-29-8

Product Description

An outreach program is one of the most powerful tools used as a support system for marginalized children and adolescents (between 3 and 18 years of age). The aim is to strengthen the child and build up his capacities in his natural setting, rather than to bring him to an institution where, in the course of his stay, he frequently loses his edge, his resilience, and instead becomes dependent. This volume is targeted towards enhancing the street enablers diversity of intervention at different levels of interaction with children and adolescents – it comprises counseling strategies for individual and group contact, as well as planned sessions on issues like drugs, HIV/AIDS, education, health, hygiene, group life, sex education, entertainment, planning for their future and so on. This manual will be a handy reference guide to all outreach workers and the organizations working with marginalized children.


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