God still loves the world

God still loves the world

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Songs to evoke the ‘courage to hope’. No matter who we are, no matter where we are on the journey of Life, God has not given up on us. He keeps reminding us in so many different ways that he is ‘passionately busy loving you and me’. The album has been produced by Tej-Prasarini, the lyrics and music composed by Peter Gonsalves.

List of Songs:
1. God Still Loves the World
2. More like Jesus Everyday
3. Is it True
4. Mary
5. Jesus in my Heart
6. India – A Lamentation
7. Thank You O Lord
8. Prayer of the Exploited
9. A little more of Jesus
10. To trust in You
11. Easter People
12. My Sacrifice
13. Bless Our Country
14. Psalm 139
15. Thank You Mother Mary


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