Love you Jesus

Love You Jesus

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These Songs have been composed by Darryl D’Souza and Patricia Adams which are based on the Catechism lessons in the revised and updated ‘God With Us’ series (books 3 & 4) published by NBCLC, Bangalore.

List of Songs:
1. Jesus, Jesus
2. Yes, I Love You Lord
3. God Gave The Ten Commandments
4. Oh How Good Is The Lord
5. I Love You Lord
6. Everyday, In Every way
7. The Greatest Prayer
8. Give, Give, Give
9. Join in, O family of Jesus
10. Let Us Offer to God
11. Wonderful, Wonderful
12. B.I.B.L.E
13. Jesus gives us gifts
14. The Sacrament Song
15. Mary, My sweet Mother
16. Welcome, Welcome


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