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Understanding and Helping Children with Learning Disabilities

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Product Description

Children with learning disabilities are said to have an ‘invisible challenge’. Though they are like other children in most respects, they struggle to read, write or do simple arithmetic calculations; and often do not fare well academically. They can be misunderstood, labelled as being ‘laid-back’ and difficult; and may develop emotional problems. However, if identified and helped at an early age, in time, they will shine.

This book acquaints readers with the challenges children with learning disabilities face; and suggests ways in which to help them surmount these challenges. It describes symptoms of learning and related difficulties; informal as well as formal ways of assessing these difficulties; types of interventions from which they might benefit; and government-endorsed academic concessions that can be accessed across India.

This book is a valuable guidepost for parents and teachers to understand and help those with learning disabilities.



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