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MUMBAI, MAY 3IMG_1424, 2016: “I feel more confident after doing this course and this is why I joined,” says Suzanna Saldanha, an aspiring doctor, who has just completed the Personality Development and Public Speaking course conducted by Tej-Prasarini- Don Bosco Communications.

The course is conducted by Bosco Rodrigues, a radio jockey with FM Rainbow. It grooms youth, by teaching them effective reading, presentation skills, the right manners and etiquette, voice culture, it enhances their vocabulary and diction, thus boosting their confidence for the road ahead.

“This is the second time, I am doing this course. Ofcourse, I missed a lot of sessions the first time, so I am repeating it and find it very interesting, with many new activities,” says Dwayne Barretto, a student of St. Andrew’s College.

The sessions are tailor-made for the class of 15 youth. After gauging their personalities for the first few days, Rodrigues helps the participants learn practically through fun sessions like telephonic conversations, a sit-down meal to demonstrate table manners and also letter writing, to help them put their point across.

In cases where Rodrigues feels his students need parental support in this growth process, the parents and students were individually counselled.

“I advice parents and students to put their phones aside and talk to each other at the dinner table; better still, to leave their phones behind and go out and spend the full day together, just to strengthen relationships and I have see miraculous changes,” says Rodrigues.

During the 10-day course, students address their peers each day, through sessions like newspaper reading, knowing and introducing your friend, talking about themselves, which in turn prepares them for the grand finale, where they have to do the same in front of their parents.

The results were for all to see on the faces of the brimming parents. “My son has been waiting for five years to do this course. Bosco sir told him, join in your eight standard vacations and so he did. He is very happy with the different things he learnt about personality traits,” said Asha Mishra, mother of one of the participants.

“The aim of the course is to train students to be effective speakers and individuals with enduring personalities. So, I teach them the right mannerisms like bathroom etiquette, how to walk, sit and many other tips for daily living. It gives me great inner joy to see someone who was very shy on the first day, feel so confident and speak so well on the last day,” Rodrigues signs off.

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